Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hispanic Heritage Month: Sergio Romo

Sergio Romo, wife Chelsea, sons Rilen and Rex.

Sergio Romo is from a Mexican-American family in California. Brawley, to be exact, a small town in the desert side of San Diego County, about twenty miles north of the Mexican border. Sergio almost followed in his dad's footsteps and joined the Navy, but instead played baseball while attending junior colleges since he did not have a scholarship to a four year school. He eventually transferred to four year schools in Alabama and Colorado. In his senior year with Mesa State (Colorado), he was the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Pitcher of the Year. In 2009, the RMAC named Romo "All-Time Top Pitcher."

Closer, World Series 2012, last out.
 He became a San Francisco Giant out of college, and has played in the World Series, making a significant contribution in 2012 as a closing pitcher. That means he pitches the final inning(s) when the team is ahead, keeps the lead and the win. He is very good at it.

During the parade in San Francisco to celebrate the World Series win in 2012, Sergio wore a notable tee shirt to emphasize his belief that all kids deserve a chance and to make a strike again stereotyping.
Making a statement during the World Series celebration in San Francisco, 2012.
This year Sergio was in the All Star game. He continues to support immigration reform so all kids can have a chance to be successful. California has a Dream Act, although the United States Congress has not passed any new bill to support one to this date.

Sergio is devoted to his family and in the following video he states:

 “I’m first-generation Mexican-American. Both of my parents were born in Mexico. My dad always spoke of the American dream as a man hard working, earning his keep, being able to take care of his family in a respectful manner.”

Romo is standing proud with the Dream is Now Campaign 

 Sergio also says, "When I hear of a student being undocumented, I take it as kids going to school, they're just trying to learn and get better, so I don't find anything negative in that." He signs off with, "I"m Sergio Romo, pitcher of the world champion San Francisco Giants. Today I'm standing proud with the Dream is Now campaign, because I strongly believe that there should be a pathway for approximately 2 million undocumented students to earn their United States citizenship, so that they can lead a productive life and give back to the only country they know as home. They deserve a chance to live their dream, and we will all win if they do."

 Sergio has also been invited to use his notoriety in ice cream.

If it were available around here, I'd buy it.




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