Saturday, December 14, 2013

Have You Talked To Your Kid Today?

1. Find out how they're feeling? Bored, tummy ache, excited, melancholy. Do you know how they're feeling? Do they know you care about how they're feeling? Do they know how you're feeling?

2. What are y'all doing today? Do you know what they want to do today? Hang out with friends? Write music? Go swimming? Do they know what you're doing today? Even if its at work?

3. Do you have plans together today? Making tacos for dinner? Going food shopping? Watching a favorite television program or sport--Go Dodgers? Hang out on the patio at sunset? Call Grandma even though its only Thursday and no special reason just to say 'Hi?'

4. Anything exciting coming up? New movie coming out? Big game next week? Music coming up from Taylor Swift?

5. What are you reading? (Online counts.) Do they know what you're reading? Can you tell them what you're reading? Going to the library or bookstore soon? What's on the Kindle?

6. Do you need anything? Flip-flops, shorts, swimsuit, Otter-Pops, job-for-pay around the house, Mac and Cheese, art supplies, time alone, time to talk?

7. Do you know I will always love you more than the world? 24-7, 7 days a week, forever? You're my kid and I think you're the greatest. Because you are.

8. Small talk counts. It's going to be hot again tomorrow. Did you take out the trash? How 'bout them Angels.

9. Arguments count, if you are still speaking at the end and no doors are slammed. Your brilliant child is not going to agree with you on everything. Agree to disagree on lots of things; politics, music, hair styles. You can learn from the kid. But, of course, you are still running the house, etc.

Take a minute and talk.

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