Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Holidays In Vegas With Twinkle McJingle

At the pool with the hot tub waterfalls--relaxing after Christmas bustle.
Greetings from the foremost destination in the world--Vegas--especially when much of the world is freezing. Twinkle McJingle here at poolside in Vegas, just chillaxin' til we set out for the Nerd's Holiday Itinerary 2013.

We have lift-off! Santaless sleigh takes off at the Bellagio Conservatory
We think Santa is at the craps tables in the casino because he isn't in the sleigh in the conservatory here at the Bellagio. I hope I haven't spoken out of turn. The chocolate bricks of the Christmas cabin looked mighty appetizing, but we went to Jean Phillipe's around the corner instead.

The Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary
was on the Nerd's Agenda to visit--what fun communicating with the animals! So much to say. Here the ostriches gossipped about the local politics--who knew there were both liberals and conservatives in the West? The guy in the back is the conservative.

Political pundunts at Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary http://gnslasvegas.org/
 A special message from the intervention specialist of the avian set:
Yes We Can.

Word of encouragement from Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary http://gnslasvegas.org/
These llamas preferred the samba.

These llamas were so proud and delighted Pope Francis is from Argentina, and chose the name of the patron saint of animals. They had so many anecdotes about the pontiff. He actually used to tango and samba--before he was a priest, of course.

This sweet burro (almost anyone is sweet after working with reindeer!) researched on ancestry.com and discovered his ggggggggggggggggrandfather was actually the donkey that Mary rode to Bethlehem!
..and may be related to the donkey Jesus rode on Palm Sunday, too.


The parrot group kept asking me where the nice whistling girl went to--they really loved her concert of whistling  melody just for them. I think she was there with MzTeachuh.

We slipped into Vegas for Thanksgiving, too, and don't always travel with Santa.

Looks like a time travel machine to the 19th century.
Sitting by the dock of the Bay.
Lots of kids and joy.
There were water features, loads of mums, and talking trees. Many pumpkins and every variety of squash. Didn't see any turkey--guess you could say the Bellagio Conservatory is vegan.

Guessing the past was more eco-friendly going down by the ole mill stream.

You may not realize--elves and gnomes love this scenario!
Uncle Elwin and his new gig.

Oh my goodness! We located Uncle Elwin! from the Ent side of the family. We thought he was still in Narnia--but here he is chatting his head off to Vegas tourists. Just when you think you've seen it all. 

Well, my Nerd escort, MzTeachuh, feels the need to go home and write, so I will sign off. Here's Twinkle McJingle hoping you have a wonderful New Year.
And Happy New Year from MzTeachuh, too!

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