Thursday, May 28, 2015

Principal's Suggestion Box Letter # 2

These letters are absolutely fictional (to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.) But, with the hint of truth, maybe we can make some adjustments. Principals have the best chance to do that.

Dear Principal,

I have a suggestion for an end of the year resources exchange. As you know, I taught for several years out of state. In that time, I changed schools a few times, and classrooms and grade levels many times. This is the best idea I came across for keeping the classes tidy so when we changed locations teachers didn't have to tidy up the last tenant's mess. 

A teacher's stuff exchange. As we pack up for the summer, set aside what we figure we won't need for next schoolyear into a 'Help Yourself' area in the staff lounge. Good stuff that would still be usable on a wall or bulletin board or display. Maybe books. Have a time limit for availability, then toss all of it.

I also have a suggestion for inspecting the classrooms. Principal Puh-leeze do not allow storage areas to never ever be cleared out! Except for the school that had that exchange practice, it was like an archeological dig to clean out storage, shelves and desks from my 'new' class. Really gross. Decades of junk and filth. Curriculum from the 60s often. Every time, every new school. 

Except for one that had an administrator who used to be both military and in private business. She got right down to it with a white glove test. Oorah!

Remember, people don't do what you expect, they do what you inspect.

Thank you for your time,
Kind of new teacher

Organize a school campus clean-up day.

Annual Classroom Clean Out 

Decluttering Starts Now!

Purging Before Packing {Ending The School Year Series: Post 1}

My suggestion:  Even though I am kind of a pack rat, too, (you never know what you may be able to use) weeding out the useless is necessary at school. We are sharing space. The part about cleaning in a 'new' classroom is true. Too often outdated curriculum even from the sixties. Like a time warp. Unbelievable. Makes you appreciate a computer that has been cleared of previous data. Principals and other administrators can easily create a safer, cleaner, dare I say, tidier environment by inspecting for it. And proper use of school space. Once a beautiful computer lab was turned into storage for outdated curriculum. Boxes of it. Don't know why. Principal, please!


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