Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Educational Links 4/14/16

Another Study Links Extended Sleep to Improved Performance in the Classroom - See more at:

Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff 

Another study Links extended Sleep Improved Performance In Classroom

Meeting Standards with Cross-Curricular Lessons 

How to Get a Diagnosis of Dysgraphia 

50 Ideas And Resources For More Visual Learning 

Tips for Recognizing Learning Disorders in the Classroom 

Most Black Parents Say White Kids Get Better Education 

They also strongly reject the notion that students from low-income families should be held to lower standards, with 90 percent of both African-Americans and Latinos saying they believe expectations for low-income students should be either the same or higher than those of other students.

"They have political power that they can bring, especially now with the [new] transparency under ESSA," Henderson said. "It will [increase] their political impact and potential, but it also means they have to be organized. We hopes this information helps us to educate families, communities and parents."

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