Friday, April 15, 2016

Educational Links 4/16/15


How Teachers Can Provide Equal Learning in a World of Unequal Access 

Should scientists study mothers of children with autism? 

Celebrate Shakespeare on His 450th Birthday: Seven Ideas for Teaching and Learning 

11 Tips for Teaching About Theme in Language Arts 

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Introduction to Sustainable Forestry 

7 Playful Tactics To Get Kids Writing Poetry 

The Promise of Teacher-Residency Programs 

Help Kids Earn Confidence & Improve Social Skills 

In addition to academic topics such as science, math, and language, social skills are one of the most important skill sets learned mostly by osmosis during the school day. Students learn how to interact with peers both within their grade and outside of it, as well as with authority figures in the form of teachers, parents, and other adults. There are complex power dynamics that occur even at the elementary level that stay with students throughout school and into their adult lives at the workplace.



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