Friday, April 29, 2016

Educational Links 4/29/16

New Study Finds One-To-One Device Programs Can Be Effective 

Clipboards: A Tool for Informal Assessment 

What do Child Prodigies Have in Common with Kids with Autism? - See more at:

 What Do Child Prodigies Have In Common With Kids With Autism?

4 Best Storytelling Apps for Building Social Skills 

Laptops in classrooms help students learn 

Can an Increase in Empathy Lead to a Drop in Suspensions? 

3 Types of EdTech Baggage: Toolsets, Mindsets, Skillsets 

 Anyone with a background in technology integration will, of course, be familiar with the diffusion of innovation curve. This is a method to explain the way that different groups of people will react to new technologies. It’s useful, but tends to be used in a very two-dimensional way — as if people will always react in the same way to something new placed in front of them.

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