Saturday, April 30, 2016

Educational Links 5/1/16

Questions Learners Should Be Addressing Every Day at School 

'Pupils are giving up their phones to reconnect with the real world' 

What children can teach us about change, growing up 

Cultivating a Love of Learning 

Tutoring Options: Pros and Cons 

Encouraging Students to Persist Through Challenges 

Solving Education’s $1.5 Billion Problem 

5 Reasons to Read for Reluctant Readers 

So how do you motivate secondary students in a deeper, lifelong reader way? It's not just about helping a student find that right book, as teachers often see as the ultimate mission, but it's about giving reasons for reading -- and really good ones. Because let's face it, there's plenty of stuff we all have to read that we may not be crazy about, but we know it's good for us (like vitamins).

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