Thursday, May 12, 2016

Educational Links 5/13/16

The problem with teaching ‘grit’ to poor kids? They already have it. Here’s what they really need. 

Bring Back Old-School Recess! 17 Games Your Students Should Be Playing Now!-15-old-fashioned-recess-games-to-bring-back-%28and-3-for-indoor-recess%29 

Five tips from cognitive science on the best ways to revise 

Inclusion: Friend or Foe? 

With a Continuous Improvement Mindset, We Can Achieve Equity and Excellence 

The Role of Performance Monitoring in Competency-Based Education 

'Wellbeing and good mental health should be seen as equally as important as academic success' 

 There is clear evidence of a pandemic of mental ill health affecting children in childhood and adolescence. The children’s mental health charity Place2Be has found that one in 10 children aged between five and 16 (three in every classroom) has a mental health problem, and many of these problems persist into adulthood. Half of those with lifetime mental health problems first experienced symptoms by the age of 14, and among teenagers, rates of depression and anxiety have increased by 70 per cent in the past 25 years.

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