Friday, May 13, 2016

Educational Links 5/14/16


Rediscovering Your Fulfillment as a Teacher

Top Web Resources to Motivate Kids for Coding 

Stop Trying to Define Personalized Learning 

Experiential Learning 

When All Kids Eat for Free 

Saving the IEP Meeting When Conflict Arises 

‘Big data’ was supposed to fix education. It didn’t. It’s time for ‘small data.’ 

For over a decade, “big data” and “analytics” have increasingly become a part of the education world. (Big data is a term used to describe data sets so large that they can only be analyzed by computers, and analytics is used to describe how the data is collected, analyzed and used.) Big data lovers believe the information can help policy-makers make systemic improvements in student outcomes — but, so far, that hasn’t happened. Here is a post about the problems with big data in education and about something new that could actually make a real difference: “small data.” What is it?

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