Monday, May 9, 2016

On the Road Again...

The Super Bloom is yummy.

I'll be spending a few days in what we in SoCal call 'the low desert.' I live in 'the high desert,' meaning that we have some altitude, about 3,000 feet. Palm Springs and surrounding areas can be below sea level. I am going to Indio. No, we are not going to see Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones and The Who in Coachella, which is nearby. That's in September, and will probably create a traffic jam from Santa Monica to Phoenix. No, we are looking to visit the Living Desert and art museums in Palm Springs. Maybe figure out how to use my telescope and  stargaze.

I am not sure if I will have sufficient WiFi to post, even through it is at a resort. We'll see. I will gather interesting anecdotes for you, nontheless, and post later.

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