Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Educational Links 5/18/16

The Clash of Brain Development and Classroom Technology


4 Tips for Creating Seating Charts That Work


Dyslexia and the Power of Teacher Expectations


Teacher Helpline: How to Inspire Student Writers in Class


Just Updated & Revised “Best Online Resources About President John F. Kennedy”


Daily Exercise Ideas for Kids with ADHD


It’s the Environment, Stupid


“When we hear the word environment, we often think first of a child’s physical environment. And adverse physical surroundings do play a role in children’s development, especially when they are literally toxic, as when children are exposed to lead in their drinking water or carbon monoxide in the air they breathe. But one of the most important findings of [researchers] is that for most children, the environmental factors that matter most have less to do with the buildings they live in than with the relationships they experience—the way the adults in their lives interact with them, especially in times of stress.


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