Monday, June 13, 2016

Educational Links 6/13/16

Let’s Get Digitally Physical: Technology in Gym Class 

Summer is Prime Time for PBL Remodeling 

 4 Ways to Use Athletics to Promote SEL and Character Development 

What Role Do You Play in a Group? 

How High-Interest Examples of Math Prime Student Curiosity 

25 Accessible Books! Bookshare Gives Struggling Learners an Early Start on "Reading Independence" 

Students Crippled by Anxiety 

The pressures from school are overwhelming, resulting in crippling anxiety for many students. America’s teens, in fact, are frequently more stressed than their parents, according to a recent NBC News survey. Starting from a young age, students believe that they cannot sway from perfect grades and excellent standardized test scores if they wish to be admitted into their dream college. The result is unsettling.



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