Saturday, June 18, 2016

Educational Links 6/19/16

The 8 Best Social Skills Apps for ADHDers

Should Schools Be Doing More to Regulate Elevated Lead Levels in Drinking Water? 

Why today’s kids need to know nursery rhymes 

How Should My Daughter's School Help Improve Her Working Memory? 

How Kids Pay Attention (and Why Some Kids Struggle With It) 

The Counselor's Role: Scaffolded Support In and Outside of the Classroom 

Making spaces: supporting makerspaces in education 

5 reasons children need to play 

By play we don’t just mean organized team sports. And we definitely don’t mean sitting in front of a screen playing computer or video games! Healthy play means making sure your child uses her body and mind in active, imaginative play — like playing hide-and-seek, riding a bike, building with blocks or Legos, pretending to be a pirate or princess, building a fort, playing dress-up — all activities that come naturally to kids. This kind of play develops a child’s ability to think creatively, use her imagination, work as a team member, and create and follow rules. Kids need unstructured time to build, create, and fantasize.



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