Friday, December 30, 2016

Teaching Is Giving Lifelong Reading

 These links are not for Reading Specialists, or those educators involved exclusively with reading instruction. These links are intended for parents, and since all teachers are reading teachers, too, for those in classroom situations where some practical techniques in the midst of the core curriculum may help. I'm a big fan of taking secondary vocabulary and syllabicating, decoding the syllable, then reading the whole word in context for meaning. 

We are so honored to teach young people to read.

That book is a real page turner.

1. Seven Strategies to Teach Students Text Comprehension  

2. 14 Best Reading Practices 

3. ABCs of Teaching Reading 

4. Reading Strategies

Reading Efficiently by Reading Intelligently 

5.  Reading and Word-Attack Strategies 


7. No Single Strategy Is Best for Teaching Reading 

8.  First Books: Access to books for children in need.
Bob. a volunteer, read to the kids at a Reading Party sponsored by First Books


9. Ten Books Every Child Should Own 


10. The Best Ways to Teach Kids to Read

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