Sunday, December 25, 2016

Twinkle McJingle's Guide to the Holidays (Merry Christmas from MzTeachuh)

Merry Christmas and all blessings to you and yours!
Season's Greetings, beloved. Here are time-tested guidelines from our festive friend Twinkle McJingle of the North Pole Center to Sensible Celebrating. 

Twinkle McJingle's Holiday Guidelines

  1. Holidays are supposed to be fun. Schedules should be flexible. No hurrying or frustration. Perfectionism is a holiday no-no. That work-of-art wrapped gift that will be torn apart within seconds. The house is clean enough already--if guest or family judges--what grinches!  Kids are always lovable (that's kind of a tough one when they are tired, cranky, and stubborn--but you know its true.)
  2. Cut your schedule in half, right now. Avoid OCD--Overwhelming Christmas Details.
    Chillaxin' for Christmas
    Family and friends are satisfied with a few central things--like time with YOU!--not more decorations like Rockefeller Center and extreme cookie decorating. They really don't care about how you won So-You-Think-You-Can-Shop. They do care if you are exhausted, cranky, and ill with your bank account overdrawn and credit cards maxed out. No one is pushing you but you. Sit down, next to a loved one and talk about fun times and all the great things about them. That is memorable.
  3. Go to your place of faith. Mindfulness of the highest order is spiritual gratitude and
    Joy! The Lord has come!
    expectation of grace and blessing. Even you atheists--go to church, temple or mosque with family or friends just to support them. It won't kill you--and the setting and music is very pleasant and life affirming. You can tell your atheist friends it was for art history.
  4. Stay hydrated and eat something healthy every hour. It is called cold and flu season
    Pick the pear from the partridge's tree.
    because folks get crazy with the holiday details and don't drink enough water and eat all that wonderful holiday junk. Have some yogurt and fruit!
  5. Be generous--with the things money can't buy. The holidays are very emotional, all the sensory stimulation of the past: joy, grief, humor, difficulties. Forgive for awhile, you'll be happier and feel like you are in control of life--as the judge of the offender, you declare the malfactor to a sentence of magnanimous
    forgiveness for a duration of your choice. Comfort your friend and family that may have suffered a loss. A hug, kind word is profound. Be courteous--seeing yourself as dispenser of kindness and dignified speech. What a gift that is!

The greatest gift is love.
5. Laugh with the little kids at nothing in particular. Guffaw when things are great and someone tries to be clever. Chuckle when things go wrong in an I-Love-Lucy way. Snicker as
you tell a few jokes. (MzTeachuh's Cheesy Jokes for Christmas  might help. Woodstock always laughs at my jokes.

6. Be rested. Make sure everyone is rested. Sleep in heavenly peace--you can even nap in heavenly peace!

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