Monday, May 29, 2017

Educational Links 5/30/17

11 Surprising Statistics That Sum Up the Life of a Teacher

13 Picture Books about Reading to Inspire Young Readers and Writers

Lit Circles: Fostering Heterogeneous Collaboration

Hall Passes, Buses, Lunch Duty: What If The Principal Could Focus On Achievement?

Fidget, Jiggle, Twiddle, Wriggle: Bring Back Activity in Schools

Questions to Ask Yourself as the School Year Winds Down

Structures Drive Behavior: Work on the System, Not the People

Structures drive behavior. Organized one way we can be inventive and cooperative; organized in a different way we are uninventive and uncooperative. That’s a research finding of Nicholas Christakis, director of the Human Lab at Yale. “Same human beings, different typology – a different architecture of ties – completely changes the kind of group properties that these individuals evince.”

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