Thursday, June 1, 2017

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After Outage, Ed Department Unveils New IDEA Site

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The BIG List of the Best Websites for Teaching Math

Why school reports matter – and 4 ways to make them better

Discover Teaching Strategies to Individualize Instruction

Kicked out of kindergarten: How do elementary schools discipline?

Research on the negative impact of exclusionary 
discipline on young students is clear, said Dianna R. 
Wentzell, commissioner of education for the Connecticut 
State Department of Education. 
“When people talk about the school-to-prison pipeline, 
it begins with children’s first experience of school. 
Suspensions and expulsions create academic deterioration, 
disconnection, and disengagement for our kids,” says 
Dr. Wentzell.
However, when teachers are given the tools to handle 
student behavior in ways that de-escalate difficult 
situations, and teach students how to regulate their 
own emotions and behavior, says Wentzell, the outcome 
for children is entirely different. 

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