Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Educational Links 6/28/17

17 Terribly Rotten Things Teachers Do to Ruin Students’ Lives

Always Assume The Best In Students

Dysgraphia: What You’re Seeing in Your High-Schooler

5 ways technology can support educators in an environment of expanding school choice

8 Lies Teachers Tell Themselves About Work/Life Balance

16 YouTube Videos That Teach Social Skills

We Need to Support the Mental Health and Wellness of Teachers

Seventy-eight percent of teachers express overwhelming levels of stress. Teachers who experience higher levels of stress are more likely to be burnt out, less effective in teaching and classroom management, less connected to their students, and less satisfied with their work. If a teacher is stressed out and unhappy, she or he will not be able to deliver the best possible instruction to students—regardless of whether the teacher has created a lesson that is differentiated, cross-curricular, and standards-aligned. Researchers have found that teacher anxiety, stress, and depression negatively affects student test results.

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