Saturday, July 1, 2017

Educational Links 7/2/17

3 tips for connecting students to internet resources during summer

Implicit vs. Explicit Instruction: Which is Better for Word Learning?

It’s not just the children who suffer mental health issues

How Various Learning and Attention Issues Can Cause Trouble With Math

How to Differentiate Academically Diverse Classrooms

The Short-and-Sweet IEP Overview

How to Help Kids Who Are Too Hard on Themselves

We hear kids say negative things about themselves all the time: “I’m so stupid!” “Nobody likes me.” And, of course, “I’m fat.” Or “I’m ugly.” Sometimes these things are throwaway lines, or fishing for reassurance. They may be harmless. But what experts call negative self-talk can also reflect an unhealthy tendency in kids to think the worst of themselves, and that can lead to—or be a sign of—something more serious.

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