Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Educational Links 6/7/17

Ideas—Not Devices—Are Changing EdTech 


Unidentified Dyslexia Takes Heavy Toll

Schools Worried About Tracking Devices

Graphic Novel Conversion 

What Teachers Can Change

Integrated Curriculum: Why it Matters, and Where to Find It

Life is integrated. Why isn’t learning?
Discipline-based learning was popularized in the mid 19th century. Disciplines were locked into place by course and credit structures a century ago. While experts would argue that disciplines have unique epistemologies worth exploring, the drawbacks of a discipline-based approach have long outlasted the benefits. It dampens engagement, narrows learning and damages preparation
Eighty years ago, the National Council of Teachers of English (ironically, a discipline-based organization) encouraged correlation (casual attention to related subjects), fusion of two subjects (often called multidisciplinary learning) and integration (the unification of all subjects and experiences).

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