Saturday, July 22, 2017

Educational Links 7/23/17

Neurodiversity: When you’re not flawed, just mentally different

Treatment for Kids With Dyslexia

4 Excellent Mind Map tools for Chromebook Users

Why model autism programs are rare in public schools

My Name Matters: A Challenge for All

How To Use Flexible Grouping In The Classroom

Managing the Oppositional-Defiant Child in the Classroom

It's not the algebra that's tripping up students — it's the teaching

The truth is that many math faculty are hired solely for their subject knowledge and not their teaching expertise. The results are classes that lack the cultural competence to make math relevant to students, who are instead made to feel dumb.
This problem goes much deeper than students of color not being able to pass intermediate algebra. To fully address the problem requires changes in teaching practices, insisting on unbiased, quality teaching, and reforming hiring practices to reflect the unique diversity of our students.

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