Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Educational Links 8/30/17

Start the Year With Collaboration

Technology in the Classroom: Best Ed Podcasts

NGSS: From Theory to Practice


How Are The Circuits Interpreting Endrew F? Some Preliminary Indications # FAPE

5 total participation techniques to make every student an active learner

What Should We Be Teaching Young Children?

When it Comes to School Discipline, Let Parents Choose

Differentiation is the soul of choice. When we narrow our focus to “student outcomes” (read: test scores), we overlook the myriad reasons that schools appeal—or not—to parents. School culture, including discipline, is a big part of it, particularly for those who value school safety above all else. Indeed, if test scores are the only thing that matters, there’s little point in arguing for choice at all. Our energies are better spent improving the performance of a single flavor of school.

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