Thursday, August 31, 2017

Educational Links 9/1/17

11 books to help you talk to your kids about race and racism

Nap Time: Avoiding the Impact of Fatigue on Learning

They Don’t Want Privacy: Why Students Should Study Social Media

Teacher Tip: A Cool Warm-Up Game to Prime Your Child for Math Homework

10 Tips for a Smooth School Year for Students With ADHD

How to Build A True Culture of Innovation at Your School

Why All School Buses Should Have Wi-Fi

Ask what students do on their bus ride to school every morning and you'll get a variety of answers: texting friends, chatting with neighbors, listening to music and sometimes - completing unfinished homework.
Depending on where a student lives in relation to school, their bus ride may be twenty to forty minutes long. And what's accomplished during the morning or mid-afternoon rush? Chatting and texting and snacking and scribbling to complete worksheets.
What if we treated school buses as an informal first period?

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