Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Educational Links 5/9/18

Statistic Of The Day: Teacher Decisions & Implicit Bias

Students' Perceptions of Teacher Quality

Levels of Performance and Your Child’s IEP

Robot Cleared To Attend Class For Student With Special Needs

'Never overlook the responsibility of reading aloud to your class'

How to Plan and Implement Continuous Improvement In Schools

In  education research, researchers come up with ideas they think will improve teaching and then set up laboratory experiments or classroom trials to test that idea. If the trial goes well enough that idea gets put on a list of research-approved practices. While research-informed practices are important, this process can often mean that the interventions are unrealistic or disconnected from the hectic reality of many classrooms, and are rarely used. But what if teachers themselves were the research engine -- the spark of continued improvement?

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