Sunday, July 1, 2018

Ed Tech Sites for Teachers

Here is a list of helpful ed tech sites for you to get to know.

eSchool News

eSchoolNews has nine dropdowns full of interesting articles. Admin., data, curriculum, IT management, mobile, online, policy professional development, social media.

EdTechReview has an international focus. Their drop downs include Resources, Needs (types of learning using ed tech), Voices (news), For (specified info for eduction, government and business.)

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has nine buttons that lead to a plethora of resources: ed tech, posters, iPad, teachers (guides books and tools), and free downloads.

Richard's buttons include a guide to free ed tech and up to date info concerning iPads, Android, Google Tutorial, Free Guides, Alternatives to YouTube, Favorite Resources, Video Creation Resources.

Top 75 Educational Technology Blogs and Websites for Educators

The Best Ed Tech Resources Of 2018 – So Far

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