Sunday, July 15, 2018

Educational Links 7/16/18

I Thought My Job Was to Support Students, Not Teachers

Sparking Curiosity About STEM

Dysgraphia Accommodations In The Classroom

Becoming a Connected Educator with Twitter

These Creative Writing Prompts Will Make Your Students Love Writing Again

New Resources For Teaching About Refugees

U.S. Court: Detroit students have no right to access to literacy

Students in Detroit Are Suing the State Because They Weren’t Taught to Read

The fact that a suit like Gary B. v. Snyder was even filed says a lot about the state of education in the United States today. The case is indicative of a new chapter in American education in which advocates, frustrated with persistent achievement gaps and glaring disparities in school quality despite efforts to combat those problems, are resorting to unconventional means to bring about change. Similar to the recent wave of teachers’ strikes , the lawyers behind Gary B. v. Snyder seek to interrupt what the plaintiffs and their supporters argue is a status quo of educational unfairness not only in Detroit, but also across the country.

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