Monday, December 17, 2018

Common Sense and Classroom Management from Michael Linsin

I really love the clarity and intelligence of Michael Linsin's books and suggestions. You can read The Happy Teacher on Kindle for free if you are a Prime member. A Classroom Management System for High School Teachers is also great. Give it a download!

14 Questions To Ask Yourself Before The First Day Of School

Episode 48: Classroom Management with Michael Linsin

Should Your First Consequence Be A Warning?

How To Give A Warning That Curbs Misbehavior

How To Give Your Students Unforgettable Directions

Supercharge Your Classroom Management Plan With Detailed Modeling

11 Things Not To Do This Coming School Year

Via negativa is a method of improvement whereby one focuses not on what to do to become more proficient.
But on what not to do—which, for many, is an easier proposition.

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