Monday, December 24, 2018

Educational Links 12/25/18

Optimism Is a Learnable Skill

Want to Personalize Learning? Computers Aren't the Answer

Dear Principal: Cancel That Honor Roll Assembly!

The Best Parent Engagement Resources – 2018

Literacy Tools That Bring Equity and Energy to the Classroom—and Unlock Career Doors

Differentiation in a Rigid Curriculum

Teacher Sick Days: A Survival Guide

There are lots of scenarios that can play out when a teacher is feeling under the weather and trying to decide whether to take one of their teacher sick days. Maybe you wake up not feeling particularly great, but don't think you're sick enough to stay home. At first, you think you can probably tough it out, but by mid-morning you know you made a mistake. Finding a sub at this point is almost impossible. Is there a way to get through the day?

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