Saturday, December 29, 2018

Teacher Resolution #1

I solemnly resolve...

#1. I will be a better teacher.

Great sentiment, a little too general.
How about:

I will pay more attention to each student.

The students feel more empowered to participate in classroom activities, attempt new challenges, and express ideas when on a positive footing with Teacher. The other data that schools collect make more sense when viewed through recent interaction with the student, and parent interaction becomes more positive and coherent when your input concerning the student is current.

Observing Students 

From this article:

  • Glean information from each student's daily experiences and interactions.
  • Use data from tests to supplement your observation.
  • Watch the process children go through to master skills, concepts, or content.
  • Ask students to think aloud for you so you can probe their understanding of content and strategies.
  • Build student portfolios to record performance benchmarks during the year.
  • Use every possible source of information to create a rich tapestry of assessment enabling you to determine appropriate instruction for each student.

Response: Supporting Student Engagement by 'Building Community' 

From this article:

Teachers play a critical role in increasing engagement by changing the type of tasks and by improving the social dynamics in the classroom. 

Supporting Student Resilience in the Classroom 

From this article: 

In a classroom, there are many variables that a teacher cannot control, such as parental involvement, poverty, nutrition and chemical influences. However, within the classroom, a teacher can become a charismatic adult and model a resilient mindset, identify and communicate islands of competence to students, and give them a sense of autonomy and choice in the work they do. These are simple, inexpensive steps that may make future assignments go more smoothly and keep more students involved throughout the process. 


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