Friday, May 17, 2019

Educational Links 5/18/19

How Can Teachers Bounce Back From Failure?

Experienced teachers key in California districts that ‘beat the odds’

It’s Time To Think Differently About Writing In The Classroom

THREE THINGS TO TRY IN WRITING WORKSHOP BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, equity, reflection, -writing-workshop-before-the-end-of-the-school-year/?fbclid=IwAR0RbmF3uyrWiPZzygVldZTjbzXvnRIf3kzqapaRM1F89FqHUF-oa8kf5Js

Motivating Reluctant STEAM Learners: Changing how you assess can inspire students

I, Too, Am America: Making All Students Feel Like They Belong

Treating Reflection as a Habit, Not an Event

Regular reflection helps students learn, and some simple strategies can make it a regular and meaningful routine.

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