Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Educational Links 8/14/19

4 Ways Personalized Learning Could Change Teaching


Understood: For Learning and Attention Issues

Common challenges

Arts Integration in the Classroom

Labor Dept rules IEP meetings a valid reason for family and medical leave

Designing Empathy-Based Professional Development That Teachers Will Use


It’s time to rethink kindergarten.

How Testing Kids For Skills Can Hurt Those Lacking Knowledge

The implication is clear: abstract “reading ability” is largely a mirage constructed by reading tests. A student’s ability to comprehend a text will vary depending on his familiarity with the subject; no degree of “skill” will help if he lacks the knowledge to understand it. While instruction in the early grades has focused on “learning to read” rather than “reading to learn,” educators have overlooked the fact that part of “learning to read” is acquiring knowledge.

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