Saturday, August 17, 2019

Educational Links 8/18/19

Back to School

Why We Need Teachers to Become Advocates for Our Kids With Disabilities

Why Would a Special Education Teacher Advocate for Inclusive Education?

4 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask About Mobile Learning

4 challenges facing school principals each year

Labor Dept rules IEP meetings a valid reason for family and medical leave

Marzano’s 9 Instructional Strategies For Teaching And Learning

In education, louder than the call for innovation, engagement, thought, or self-direction is the call to be research-based.
In fact, being research-based may even trump being data-based, the two twins of modern ed reform. The former stems, in part, from deserved skepticism of trends that have little evidence of performance, and the latter comes from a similar place. The big idea behind the both is ‘proof’–having some kind of confidence that what we’re doing now works, and that because of both data and research, we can more or less nail down what exactly it is that we’re doing that works or doesn’t work, and why.

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