Saturday, December 21, 2019

Educational Links 12/21/19

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Why Gen-Ed Teachers Are Essential for Special Education

Teacher Sick Days: A Survival Guide

What Should Teachers Need to Do to Transfer Their License to a New State?

Things Special Ed Teacher Wish Other Teachers Knew

8 Of The Most Common Sources Of Formative Assessment Data

An Efficient Classroom: 6 Factors Of Academic Achievement

What are the factors of academic achievement?
First, a definition for academics in the classroom. An academic classroom is one where the primary goal is to promote proficiency of academic standards. Everything else, while appreciated and winked at, comes after. The class, curriculum, and instruction, by design, are built to move students in their academic achievement.
If that’s your goal, what might your focuses be? What’s important? What matters? Let’s take a look at six important factors at work here.

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