Sunday, March 15, 2020

Homeschooling Ideas-What A Great Opportunity! Even for a couple weeks

My family were some of the first homeschoolers in the USA-way back in the mid-80s. We were stationed at Hickam AFB, Hawaii-so, of course, it was a marvelous opportunity.  We didn't have the internet, of course, since it wasn't invented yet. So here are a few ancient ways to have school at home:
  • Art-make a mess and have cleaning it up be part of the lesson. I'm thinking papier mache!

5 Paper Mache Recipes – Including No-Flour, Mold-Free Options

  • Cooking-folks say kids aren't learning basic lifeskills. That could be true. Learn how to make rice! and learn to eat with chopsticks! And clean up the kitchen!
  • How To Cook Rice

    There are a lot of ways you can go wrong.
  • Write a novel-NaNoWriMo is usually in November-but why not write a novel or collections of poems or short stories now Seriously!
  • Every story matters.
    Let's start writing yours.
  • Birdwatch! Cloud watch!

One of the greatest benefits of homeschool was the chance to read without needing to stop at the bell. Plus you save so much time not waiting in line or walking across campus.

Tiem to draw! Paint! Sculpt! Design and sew clothes!

Chat with each other-find out of your family history! Sing! Teach your people some dance steps!

Sleep. Perchance to dream.

List books-probably in your home right now--you'd like to read. 

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