Saturday, April 4, 2020

Our Daily Agenda --for our Special Education students in quarantine

Our Daily Agenda at Home

Parent/Teacher Surrogate Administered-document your student's work by a handwritten schedule or email on Fridays. The Homeschool teacher can assess the work but the District teacher will need evidence of the work. If teacher sends a packet because you do not have internet access, hold onto the work until the District directs us how to communicate.

Absolutely follow the guidelines for quarantine

Times are approximate.

7:00 am

Get up, get dressed, prepare your breakfast, eat it, brush your teeth, and clean up. Help with morning chores: dishes, feed pets, take out trash, wipe kitchen surfaces (tables, counters, etc.)

8:00 am
HOMEROOM (this has a new meaning) 

Fill these answers in a notebook, or a document on Google Classroom, or an email on Google Classroom.
  • What is today's date? What time is it?
  • What is the weather forecast? What will the temperature be?

  • Check outside-if possible, step just outside. Look at the sky-any clouds? What color is the sky? Listen-hear any birds? What do you hear? Check out the plant life. Are there flowers that smell? Are there bushes or trees that smell? What is is like?
  • Set up for learning work area. Sharpen pencils, get your notebook/device ready and away from distractions. 
8:30 am
ELA and Writing
  • Practice writing your name, alphabet and numeral to 20.
  • Choose a workpage from Google Classroom.
  • Write in your journal. Write about how you
    feel right now, and choose a topic from your list on Google Classroom.
Take a break for exercise-check out the suggestions on Google Classroom. Ask your grown-up how you can help-maybe tidy up your living area, sweep, vacuum.

Math and Arithmetic
Fill these answers in a notebook, or a document on Google Classroom, or an email on Google Classroom.
  • What time is it? Choose a time related assignment on Google classroom.
  • Money math. Choose a money related assignment on Google Classroom.
  • Calculation. Choose an assignment on Google Classroom to add, subtract,multiply, or divide. 
9:45 am
Nutrition Break
Choose a healthy snack. If there are siblings, help them prepare a healthy snack. Fruit is great! Clean up. Wipe down surfaces. Wash your face and hands. Prepare your work area. Prepare a place to read.


Fill these answers in a notebook, or a document on Google Classroom, or an email on Google Classroom.

  • Choose a workpage from Google Classroom.
  • Choose a book, regular or digital, and read for 20 minutes. You can read with a homeschool classmate or teacher.
  • When did I last wash, really wash, my hands? My face? Take a bath or shower washing my hair? Are my clothes clean?
  • Is my body acting healthy? Am I sleeping alright at night? Am I eating and digesting alright?
  • How's my attitude? Do I feel like things are going to be alright? Is there a person I can talk to at home about my feelings?
  • Check your personal space-where you work, sleep-get it organized!

Lunchtime and Recreation
  • Wash your face and hands. Prepare the area to eat, wiping tables and counters.
  • Help prepare lunch. 
  • Choose music to listen to with your homeschool team while you eat. Don't forget our playlists are on Youtube.
  • Eat lunch. Brush your teeth. Clean up. Wipe the table and counters, help tidy floors, pick up clutter, put things aright.
  • Choose a game to play with homeschool classmate, parent, or teacher surrogate. 20 minutes.
  • Free time to do-your-own-thing (within reason.) Listen to music, watch cat videos, play video game--but know you have a time limit!
Fill these answers in a notebook, or a document on Google Classroom, or an email on Google Classroom.
  • Choose your Art activity from Google Classroom. 
  • If you choose Art History, be ready to write about the artwork and artist your responded to the best.
  • You may choose to do art(drawing, painting, sculpture) on your own; there are youtube tutorials on our Google Classroom. 
  • There are digital field trips to Art Museums. If you do that, write a summary of what you saw at the Museum.
  • Edtech-choose one of our three edtech sites (typing club,, timestables, or; Team 1 coolmath) for 30 minutes. You may switch between them.
  • Choose one activity from Google Classroom for Transition.
Finish up your school day
Normally, we would be getting on the bus. Instead, talk with your parent or teacher about how your day went:
  • Were we organized? Can we improved in our process?
  • What did I enjoy learning?
  • What am I curious about-can I choose work or an activity tomorrow about that subject?
  • Be grateful to your teacher and homeschool classmates. Say thank you.
There are directions, guidelines, and helpful information for parents and teacher surrogates on Google Classroom.
You can find workpages for free at 

And, please, if it is safe to take a nice walk and enjoy nature--do that!

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