Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Women's History Month: St. Bridget of Ireland

Brigid lived in the early middle ages, so there are a lot of legends and folkstories associated with her. But you see enough history to observe she was kind of a feminist-establishing many monasteries for both nuns and monks, demanding women be educated, insisting women be able to chose to be married or not, training women in diverse arts and skills not just childbearing.The Illustrated Bible of Kildare was said to be the most beautiful-done by Brigid's team.

She insisted children, women, men, the sick and especially the poor were cared for in the name of her faith. That would be very early Christianity among the Druids.She was a friend and Christian collaborator with St. Patrick.

There is evidence she said Mass and was made a Bishop.
This was before the Church of Rome basically took over.
Strong, intelligent, caring woman. A leader of men and women.

One of the fanciful legends about Brigid is that to serve a village she turned her bathwater into beer. Maybe the first Guiness?

Wild Irish Women:
Saint Brigid – Mary of the Gaels

St. Brigid of Ireland

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