Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lyrics to the Song of Storms (Ocarina of Time)

Link and the Ocarina of Time, Katie De Sousa

Song of Storms Ocarina of Time

It appears the Zelda fans believed the 'Song of Storms' needed lyrics. Gamers become poets, how cool is that?

In this darkened night, I find my peace and requiem.
Do you hear it? The song, it charms and soothes.
Let it course, let it shine, and your sorrow will flee.
Persevere, do not fear, I will always be here.
with this, I leave, But know I am in your heart.Abehl0X0Toshinota

♪♪In the night, blew a storm, chasing shadows to the shore lightning filled the sky, thunder roared and cried. Close your eyes, come along, dance until the night is gone. Singing a song of storms.
(2nd verse)
From the sky, to the ground, rain is falling all around. Thunder, rain and wind, a song of storms begins. Sing a song, a melody, then everybody will see, the hero of time has come.♪♪gravotydud

 Go around, go around Churning mill above the ground Turning is the key How hard it could be Swaying to, swaying fro Stand atop the whirling board Never ever lose your grasp See the sky, hear its cry Teardrops falling aimlessly Lighting burns the ground Windmill goes around Go around, leap and bound  Dance as heaven crashes down Singing of a Song of Storms digitalneonblue97

 in a time♪ of despair♪shadows singing in the air♪ telling of a time♪ when the sun would shine♪ now the rain♪ resonates♪ embers dancing in the flames♪ singing a song♪ of stormsKnotShowCheeze


  1. They were writing songs for a different audience in their early days and those songs were really pop and dance tracks. However, go back to their first two or three albums and you will find song after song that is really easy to learn but will sound here