Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Read This Author For Little Kids: Beverly Cleary

She's a lot more mischievous than she looks.
She is just wonderful to read a loud, or for an intimate friendship of kid to character your child can read these on her (his) own beginning at maybe second grade. The books go on up to middle school. Great characters to hang out with during the summer.

Look for her in the library, or buy sets for your kids. A great investment for boys and girls.

There's the Ramona series, there's Henry, Ellen, Ribsy (dog), Socks (kitty.) Don't forget The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and Ralph S. Mouse.

There's the series books of Dear Mr. Henshaw, (Newberry Award winner) and its companion, Strider.

Ralph, poppin' a wheelie
There's books for adolescent girls, too

Check them out!

This is the author's website.

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