Monday, September 24, 2012

Bilingual Ed, Tests, and Tech (Plus Barbie Bungee Jumping)Tweets of the Day 9/24/12

Muy bien.
Spanglish, anyone?

1. Education Nation: Finding Classroom Success In Bilingual Mix Of Spanish, English 

2. On Reading with Kids on the iPad, Mixed Feelings Persist Among Parents 

Could 'whole language' be responsible for this?

3. 2012 SAT Reading Scores Lowest Since 1972

Barbie bungee jump, had to share this with you.

4. STEM: Engagement! Collaboration! Real-World Applications! Oh My! 

 I love you, Mind/Shift. You are fascinating.

5 . How Games Are Being Used for Learning 

 Shortest poem:    I? Why?

6. What Is Self-Esteem? 

7. The Power of Punctuation 

I wonder why.

8. Education Nation: Teachers Wary Of New Evaluations In Aftermath Of Chicago Strike 

How many days 'til school's out?

9. Common Sense Media at the National Conference on Summer Learning

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