Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Kids Need, How They Learn Tweets of the Morning 9/25/12

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What Kids Need, How They Learn

1. Tests for kindergartners on their first days in school: Oregon piloting a system to screen every pupil's readiness


2. The Common Core and What Children Need 


3.Executive Functioning

Many people with LD struggle with executive function, which can make activities like planning, organizing, strategizing, remembering details, and managing time and space difficult. Problems with executive function — a set of mental processes that helps connect past experience with present action — can be seen at any age and often contribute to the challenges individuals with LD face in academic learning.


4. Literacy in the District 


Please, no!


5. School Lunches, Vending Machines Threat To U.S. Fight Against Obesity, Military Leaders Say 


6. How Self-Expression Damaged My Students


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