Monday, September 24, 2012

Live Summit Now and Other Tweets of the Morning 9/23/12

Discussion is good.
1. NBC News Education Nation
LIVE: Education Nation Summit Webcast. Watch It

2. Webinar:Hiring People with Disabilities: The Employer's Point of View - October 10 

3. Is CrossFit Training Good For Kids? 

4.  7 Quick Fixes for ADHD Meltdowns

When your child has a behavior breakdown, brought on by symptoms of ADHD like poor impulse control, use these parent-approved fixes to pick him up. 

5. Read This Before Your Next 504/IEP Meeting

Don't let your child be cheated out of services. A new, broader interpretation of 504 Plans puts the law on your side.

6. Become Your Child's Case Manager - Don't Just 'Go With the Flow'

7. The Wages of Depression 

8.  Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia refers to a wide range of lifelong learning disabilities involving math. There is no single type of uliamath disability. Dyscalculia can vary from person to person, and it affects people differently at different stages of life. Work-around strategies and accommodations help lessen the obstacles that dyscalculia presents. And just like in the area of reading, math LD is not a prescription for failure. 

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