Thursday, October 11, 2012

Giving Kids a Voice Tweets of the Morning 10/12/12


Everyone has a voice. Use it.

 What a privilege to help kids find their voice.

1. Social Media Helps Student With Autism Find His Voice 

2.  School Choice Programs Expanded Nationwide Despite Opposition: Education Next 

3. Study Links Prenatal Mercury Exposure to ADHD Symptoms 

4.  College Enrollments Down Slightly, Higher Education Shrinks For First Time In 15 Years 

5. Autism Speaks U College Mascot Challenge! 

6. Millions of Girls Dream of One Thing 

7. NIH Project SEARCH: Strengthening Our Workplace & Community 

8. What’s Worth Investing In? Criteria for Choosing Technology for Learning 

9. The George Lucas Educational Foundation 

Wow, someone up in Marin can really use the Avery jumbo permanent markers on the post-it self stick easel pad.


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