Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tech Talk and Pure Joy Tweets of the Morning 10/09/12

 New Tech input! No not another strike! STEM. And dance like there's no tomorrow. Here, now, on Mzteachuh.

1. New Guide! Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know

2. How Sitting on a Ball Helps Kids Focus and Do Better In School


The only strike I want to hear about is when Ryan Vogelsong strikes out a Cincinnati Red.

3. Evergreen Park Teachers Strike Enters Second Week As Negotiations Fail To Produce A Deal 


4. Financial Education: A Job for Teachers or Parents?

I had no idea it was ever not cool.
5. The Secret To Making Science Cool Again


6. What Does Science Tell Us About Teaching Kids to Think?


7. What My Favorite Math Routine Taught Me About Differentiation


8. Video Games That Bring Civics Class to Life


9.  Naturally Learning Dance Project 


10.  How the Arts Can Be Integrated into Every Subject 



This recent photo online illustrates the happy marriage of the arts.

Anna Pavlova, by Irish artist John Lavery. Dancer, a cute little Scottish lassie in Glasgow.




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