Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Black History Month: Jackie Robinson

Watch The Latest Trailer For The Jackie Robinson Movie ’42′

Not only an extremely talented athlete, graduate of UCLA, and Army officer, Jackie Robinson chose to demonstrate unmatchable self-control and focus by entering the white-only world of Major League Baseball; he was Rookie of the Year, later MVP, and inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The indiscribable pressure to perform despite death threats and racial slurs only slightly echoed the actual racial violence of the USA through the centuries. But now it was in a beloved public forum-Major League Baseball- and the object of rascist ridicule was actually demonstrating superiority. Not of race, but athletic skills. He had a supportive wife and family, who were also in the spotlight.

 I especially love the stolen home bases.

Jackie Robinson steals home (Yogi Berra catching.)

Jackie Robinson official site. 

I am very much looking forward to the movie "42," opening on April 12, 2013, just after the start of baseball season. Here are a couple of articles about the film.

For '42,' actor had to please Jackie Robinson's No. 1 fan,0,2347774.story 

Jackie Robinson will be the focus of this spring's new biopic '42' 

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