Thursday, February 7, 2013

Start With A Book! Tweets of the Day 2/7/13

1.  What does your child love to explore and learn about? Pick a theme below and get started!

Explore dinosaurs, bugs, birds, planes, music, sports, superheroes, inventors, art, the night sky, the ocean, and more —
24 themes in all. Start with a book … and see where your child's imagination goes! 


2. Number Sense, Not Counting Skills, Predicts Math Ability, Says Study 

3. 20 Must-use Education Technology Tools 

4.  Improving Speaking Skills with Poetry Podcasting

Grades 6-8, ELA, Technology
Common Core Standards: ELA.SL.8.6 ELA.SL.7.6 ELA.SL.6.6

5. Timing Tips for the ACT and SAT 

6.  Building Pharaoh's Chariot

A team uncovers the advanced engineering behind an ancient Egyptian war machine
7. Creating a Family Media Agreement: How to Have the Conversation 

Looks like happy holidays.






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