Friday, February 8, 2013

Shakespeare! And He's Uncovered!
You can give the kids a taste of William with this  PBS series.

There are interviews with current stars preparing for roles or reflecting on past performances. PBS online offers the plays as part of the Great Performances series.

Get creative with your assignments--Shakespeare is better seen than read, anyway; and certainly you can take some time out for the Bard in some size, shape or form. Make it a for reward day.

Henry IV and Henry IV Jeremy Irons
The first two episodes involve actors' insights and comments, premiering January 25, 2013:

MacBeth with Ethan Hawke and the Comedies with Joely Richardson.

February 1 Richard II with Derrick Jacobi and Henry IV and Henry V with Jeremy Irons.

Lastly, David Tennant and Hamlet and The Tempest with Trevor Nunn the director.

These plays will stream for you at the Shakespeare Uncovered site. What wealth we have.

MacBeth with Patrick Stewart.
Hamlet with David Tennant.
King Lear Ian McKellan

The Globe theatre, London
And a fun app--Which Shakespeare Character Are You? I'm Rosalind.

Here are a couple recent articles.

'Shakespeare Uncovered' explores the bard, his life

THIRTEEN’s Shakespeare Uncovered,
A Six-Film Series Telling the Stories Behind Shakespeare’s Greatest Plays

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