Friday, February 8, 2013

Reading Hints Tweets of the Day 2/8/13

1. Rick's Reading Workshop: Mini-Lesson 

Grade 5, Reading, Comprehension
Common Core Standards: ELA.RL.5.3 ELA.RL.5.4

2. Guided Reading with Jenna: Reading Predictions

Grade 5, ELA, Differentiation
Common Core Standards: ELA.RL.5.10 ELA.RF.5.4a ELA.SL.5.1

3. Start with a book: Is There a Young Sherlock Holmes in Your House? 

4. Does It Matter If You Meet Your Classmates Face-To-Face? 

This can be good for teachers, too.

5. 10 Steps To Stop Yelling 

6. Higher Ed Trends: MOOCs, Tablets, Gamification, and Wearable Tech 

7. The Classics Quoted: 7 Bell-Ringers from Charles Dickens 

8. What to Do When Students Lie 



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