Thursday, August 14, 2014

Educational Links of the Day 8/14/14

General Education Links

The Research Behind Social and Emotional Learning

 Great article. I've also found that teaching literature (especially poetry) opens the door for emotional development and class camaraderie through discussion. And not to forget writing original poetry.

How to Get the Most Out of Student-Owned Devices in Any Classroom 

Yes, students don't do what expect, they do what you inspect--the use of proximity to create a functional environment of trust and collaboration absolutely works. surprised.

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 Ed Tech and STEM Links

10 Tips for Going Paperless in the Classroom 

#6 can save your life! Never be too proud to ask for help.

How to Motivate Students to Love Science 

Play to their curiosity! That is what science is all about, and students have an endless supply.

Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Adding Apps to Your Edmodo Account 

Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Bryne offers a marvelous variety of ed tech freebies--its like your birthday every day! 

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 Special Needs Links

Uncovering the Why Behind the Rise in ADHD Cases 

Parents and teachers may need to examine the daily routines of the classroom--is there enough physical activity? Does the curriculum include a variety of teaching methods for all learning styles? How about the number of minutes for recess and free play? Is there music and art? Any options for student choices?

Increasingly, Parents Push For Inclusive Playgrounds

I was privileged to teach with a program called Peer Friends. My Profoundly Handicapped students would be escorted to play during the general education morning recess. The gened students would sign up with me each morning and be assigned a student to escort, and received a token thank-you gift at the end of each month. It was great for all involved: my students blossomed as welcomed and accepted members of the school community and their recess-friends enjoyed a chance to develop relationships with their handicapped peers. We also enjoyed a reverse mainstream music class in my Special Day Class where a gened third grade class came in for singing and signing, and on a different day, a Mild/Moderate Special Day Class joined us. Inclusion worked both ways. 

Equitable Access to Education for Children with Disabilities 

Excellent article giving us a worldwide perspective on challenges for the disabled. The development of successful inclusion programs is the focus of the future for disabled students.

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