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Educational Links of the Day 8/16/14

General Education Links

The Most Dangerous Phrase In Education 

The problem with the safe approach to teaching is that it won’t yield anything other than what we’ve always had. Without doing things radically different, the most we can hope for is some kind of increment. This isn’t a plea for chaos, but rather the courage to make mistakes. To “experiment” on students, because that’s what’s already happening anyway.

Be brave, be creative, be proactive; be ready for repercussions.

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Implementing SEL 
Children need a supportive environment created by caring adults for them to succeed, and all children can succeed. Those working in the educational context, in any position, must act with respect, challenge, caring, safety, civility, support, inspiration, and encouragement of opportunity and resilience. We must go about this with No Alibis, No Excuses, and No Exceptions. Ultimately, "We must prepare our children for the tests of life, not a life of tests,"

Helping Students Make Sense Of A Young Black Man's Death In Missouri 

Students should have the opportunity to express and to wrestle with what they are seeing. Teachers have a responsibility to help kids find their own voice and to really empower them with strategies for changing this messed-up world we inhabit.

Yes, teaching is empowering kids to do something about changing this messed-up world we live in. 

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 Ed Tech and STEM Links 

Video Games and the Future of the Textbook 

The thing about interactive electronic media is that it allows us to rethink the way we interact with information. The internet has already changed the way we think about media and now it is time to let it redefine the way we think about content in general.

Sounds innovative and interesting--just make sure all students have access.

A Collection of Examples of Classroom Blogs 

As the new school year starts many teachers will be trying to develop classroom blogs for the first time or revamping old blogs for the new year. The slides below contain examples of classroom blogs. You may find a new-to-you idea in these examples.  

How fun to virtually visit these teachers and checkout how they empower kids to write.

How Visuals Help Us Learn 

This is Point #10

The use of visuals improves learning outcomes by about 400%

Check out the other nine excellent points. 

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Special Needs

Virtual Therapy Expanding Mental Health Care 

Despite hurdles related to insurance reimbursement and concerns about whether an interpersonal connection can survive in the virtual world, proponents say that online therapy is an effective solution to bring mental health care to those who might not otherwise get it.

This service could be so helpful to folks, but the unavailability of the internet could again hinder progress. 

Google Classroom for SPED 

From my new perspective of a push-in support teacher, I see this as a way to push out modified assignments to students.  Part of our new reading curriculum involves discussion guides and we, as a special education team, are considering modifying them so they are Google Docs.  This would give me a way to push out specific docs, to specific students easily.  I also think giving students a place they can post questions might be useful, especially students who may not want to speak up in class.  I can see it as a way for those students to contact me when we are not together in class.

Back-to-School: Four Sticky Situations…and How to Handle Them 

Certain scenarios can create unusually sticky situations, but you can navigate them if you’re armed with knowledge, a proactive spirit and a can-do attitude. 

Keep that can-do attitude.

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